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Neighborhood Medical Professionals - Charleston, SC

Mary Decker,Medical Director for Radiation Oncology, Roper HospitalMEDICAL DIRECTOR FOR RADIATION ONCOLOGY, MARY DECKER, ROPER HOSPITAL
I first heard about Mary Decker, M.D. almost 20 years ago when she treated my husband for lung cancer. An illness as catastrophic as lung cancer brings with it a team of doctors who work hard for a cure. Even though I did not meet Dr. Decker at that time... Read more

Dr. Jennifer Esse, Daniel Island Hearing - audiologyDANIEL ISLAND HEARING, DR. JENNIFER ESSE
An audiologist is a professional who assesses, diagnoses and treats hearing problems and helps prevent hearing and balance problems. An audiologist has earned a master’s or doctorate in audiology from an accredited university graduate program... Read more

The first thing you notice about Dr. Jennifer Fiorini is her upbeat attitude about life and about her practice as a general surgeon. And that feeling translates to her patients, who see a compassionate woman who can excise a breast tumor or remove an appendix with great skill... Read more

Palmetto Women’s Health in Mount Pleasant, Loren B. Frankel, MDPALMETTO WOMEN'S HEALTH, LOREN B. FRANKEL, MD
She is the mother of three young children and the wife of a brain surgeon. How does she find time to attend to the patients at her own obstetrics and gynecology practice? "I manipulate things to get the most," explains Loren Frankel, M.D. of Palmetto Women’s Health in Mount Pleasant... Read more

Mitch Feller - Mount Pleasant, SC - DoctorMITCH FELLER - MOUNT PLEASANT, SC DOCTOR
We learned to develop a long-term care plan for each patient, based on where you hoped their health would be in 20 or 30 years, and how you could help them get there. You learned to use everything at your disposal – your senses, your sense of humor, the power of hope, and, most of all, your undivided attention and ability to listen... Read more

Dr Thomas Mirabile, 3D Optometry PC3D OPTOMETRY PC, DR. THOMAS MIRABILE
With a sometimes piercing sun and a nearly year-round allergy season, Lowcountry residents are always on the lookout for optimal eye care. 3D Optometry has successfully provided that service since 2005. Dr. Thomas Mirabile owns the Mount Pleasant location, as well as a practice... Read more

Gastrointestinal Surgical Specialists, Maria Margarita Murphy, MD, Mt Pleasant, SCGASTROINTESTINAL SURGICAL SPECIALISTS, MARIA M. MURPHY, MD
No 'butts' about it, the treatment of colon and rectal problems is something Dr. Maria Margarita Murphy takes very seriously. "People have come to me petrified but there is no reason to be scared or embarrassed," Murphy explains. "This is what I do, this is my life choice." People are often uncomfortable about seeking medical help for... Read more

“I wanted to go into medicine from a very young age,” Dr. Eleanor Oakman, MD tells me, explaining that medicine runs in the family. “My grandfather and an aunt are both doctors.” She found it all very interesting and fascinating, so there was no doubt she’d follow in their footsteps... Read more

The position of chief executive officer is associated with power, strength and leadership. To the people who know her best, it's no surprise that Janie Sinacore-Jaberg has mastered them both. With more than 30 years of experience behind her, Jaberg now heads East Cooper Regional Medical Center in Mount Pleasant... Read more

Kerry Solomon, MD, Magill Vision CenterMAGILL VISION CENTER, KERRY SOLOMON, MD
I know it doesn't make sense,” Samantha said, “but I think I look different.” It made perfect sense to me. I had that same feeling when had Lasik surgery to correct my nearsightedness and astigmatism 10 years ago. When I opened my eyes after a short nap, I could see clearly for the first time in... Read more

Area Hospitals

east cooper medical center, charleston, mount pleasantEAST COOPER MEDICAL CENTER, MT PLEASANT, SC
East Cooper Regional Medical Center, a 100-bed acute care hospital located at the intersection of Johnnie Dodds Boulevard and Bowman Road in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, has been serving the healthcare needs of East Cooper residents since 1986. Owned by Tenet Healthcare through its subsidiaries, the hospital strives to be the primary healthcare facility in the area, providing a myriad of services including... Read more

kindred hospital, charleston, south carolinaKINDRED HOSPITAL, CHARLESTON, SC
Kindred Hospital Charleston is one of Charleston's only private extended care hospitals in the community and provides both modern technologies as well as quality healthcare. The hospital is a branch of the nationwide Kindred Healthcare system. Patients with... Read more

medical university of south carolina, mount pleasant, scMEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA HOSPITAL
One of the first medical schools in the United States was built in 1824 in Charleston, South Carolina. The Medical University Of South Carolina (MUSC) was a private medical college that was and remains today as not only an excellent healthcare facility, but also functions as a teaching facility for medical students from... Read more

roper st francis hospital, mount pleasant, scROPER ST FRANCIS, MT PLEASANT, SC: HEEDING THE CALL
It was only a matter of time before the exponential population growth East of the Cooper would require the construction of a second major medical facility in the area. The new Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital will be built on 78 acres of land at the intersection of Highway 17 North and Faison Road in the Carolina Park Development. Construction will get underway in 2008. The facility is scheduled to open in November 2010... Read more

lowcountry hospital summerville trident sc
Trident Health System is a family of hospitals including Trident Medical Center, Summerville Medical Center and Moncks Corner Medical Center. Our Emergency Department is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at three convenient locations. Our staff of 2,500 includes nurses, technicians, specialists and medical professionals and our 500 member medical staff is ready to serve you at any time... Read more